Motus Move

When activated, Motus Move reminds your child to take brief, active breaks from using a tablet or smartphone. Our characters provide a fun way to encourage better tablet habits!


Subscription plans


Get access to videos with standing exercises.


Get access to all videos with standing and sitting excersises.


Get access to all videos and save 10% per month.



DKK 395 / YEAR

How does Motus Move work?

1. Activate app and set timer for breaks.

2. Use tablet for games or videos.

3. Time for break and loosen up.

4. Return to game or video until next break.

What does Motus Move do?

Why use Motus Move?

Activities on smartphones and tablets create a situation where children are sitting for long periods of time in an unhealthy position. Focused on the screen with their neck bent down, backs curved and wrists turned in – a position which some doctors have coined the “iHunch” position. This lack of movement and bad position can cause headaches, difficulty concentrating and severe neck and back problems that could affect them later in life. The impact of this is now showing up in an increase of children needing physical therapy with neck problems. Motus Move is developed to remind children to take active breaks and change position once in a while to create better habits during their use of screens.

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It's time to loosen up!